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Roadside Designs: January 2011

Jan 21, 2011

New Products - Collection 2

Are you tired of 1 photo templates?  Do you have an event you want to scrap with 4 or 5 photos?  If so, I have a new collection of templates in the Two Little Pixels Shoppe today that are perfect for you!  This Collection includes templates for 3, 4 or 5 photos.  I created them in a set of 12 x 12 and 8.5 by 11 size.  Grab them now while they are on sale at $4.00 a set.

Here are some layouts I created using these templates:
Credits - DST Dec Gold Member Kit

Credits - Natures Promise Collab by Dawn Inskip and mle Card
Credits -  New Year - January 2011 Gold Kit by Connie Prince

Credits - Creashen's Rewind paper pack, Madame Mim High and Low Kit, Sausan Designs' Matrioshka, Lynne-Marie's Canadian Nature

I will be back later with more inspiration from the Creative Team.

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Jan 18, 2011

$2 on Tuesday

Have you ever had those times where you just loose all motivation to do anything? Well, it has hit me from no where and hit me hard.

I have so much designing I need to do, I have some templates I could put in the shoppe this Friday, but I can't seem to get them done.  I have a project I REALLY should complete with Two Little Pixels, but no motivation at all.  I have bills to pay, and accounts to balance, but it keeps getting pushed off, let alone doing the everyday things we all have like laundry and house cleaning.  I have been spending my spare time watching movies on Netflik.  Oh do I love movies and Netflik.  And some of my motivational problems could be due to the fact that I have only 10 more days til I leave for Disney World, YES!!! I am excited about getting away and I have had Mickey on the Brain.

So due to my motivational problems, I bring you this a little later than I should have.  I have 2 sets of templates on sale now at Two Little Pixels for $2.00 Each.  Grab them up now as the sale is over soon.

Metro Maps 1 and 2

Metro Maps 3 and 4

Happy Shopping! Now time to balance the books.


Jan 14, 2011

A Little Inspiration

No new goodies today as I am preparing for a Two Little Pixel party coming up in a few weeks. But I did finish some more of my 25 Days of Template Album.

Day 11 -Sorry for the bad photos, hard to take a photo from so far away and indoors of someone running, but I did not want to miss the moment of my DD's first track meet.

 I used It's About Time Kit by CheekyMonkey at CatScrap.  Great Kit and it was perfect for these photos.

So tonight I am chillin'. Maybe go out for a bite to eat?  Watch a movie?  My kind of Friday Night.  Tomorrow I hope to get more scrapping and designing done. 

Have a great evening.


Jan 11, 2011

$2.00 Templates

They are in the Two Little Pixels Shoppe for only $2.00, but only for a short time.  Better grab them quick!


Jan 10, 2011

25 Days of Christmas Inspiration

Look What I Found? (click on the images to view)













WOW, I am lovin' your albums.  Keep it up.  I have more of mine to share soon.  In the meantime, be sure to click on the images and leave some love!

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Jan 7, 2011

New Templates and a Refreshing Look

I have a new pack of templates in the shoppe today at  Two Little Pixels.  I decided to simplify my templates this year and bundle them in 4 packs for you at a better cost.  These templates are on Sale for 20% off for the Weekend at only $4.00.

So today I introduce to you Road Map Collection 1.  You will get (4) 12 x 12 Templates with all the element shown, included in your purchase.

I am a rectangular scrapper so I also decided to put a collection together as an 8.5 x 11 template set to see the interest you may have.  Each of my previous template sets included directions on how to modify your 12x12, but I decide to give you the option on which set you wanted to purchase.

So here is Road Map Collection 1 R (for Rectangular):

Remember, all new products are 20% off through the weekend, so hurry on over now and pick them up for as little as $1.00 a template.

Oh and Thank You for your comments on my Album.  I am always excited to get any comments, LOL.  Keeps me motivated to keep going with it.  I plan to finish it.  I keep saying to myself,  I am NOT giving up and I don't want too either!!!!  It doesn't matter if you are behind in completing it just as long as you do complete it!

So, I am off now to have lunch with a friend.  I took the day off from work to do this, I know, crazy, and an expensive lunch. I don't get paid when I take off, but I am not a very good at socializing and I REALLY need to get out more often with friends, which I lack in.  My friend, Lisa, who I am going out with today really is my only friend.  I know, you would never have expected this about me.  We are going out with another lady who just had a baby.  I super excited for her, Tiffany, as she lost her husband many years ago to an accident and just recently remarried and now just had a new baby with her New Husband.  With their combined kids, they now have 7 under the age of 12, OMG. Happy for her, but 2 is PLENTY for me, lol.  I do lunch with both Lisa and Tiffany at least once a month, Love them both.

I will be back with some inspirations from the fantastic Creative Team at Two Little Pixels!  In the meantime, you can drool over the talented layouts in the Gallery at Two Little Pixels.

Ciao !


Jan 4, 2011

25 days Album Inspiration

I have been working on my album over the weekend and have several days done.  My apologies for the bad quality of photos, my scrap space is in the basement and it is dark!

Day 8 - My DH and I volunteer for the youth soccer club with coaching and helping run the league.  Each year, the club host a holiday dinner for all the volunteers at the City Hall.  They mailed out an invitation and I kept it and put it in a red envelope.

The cover was created using products from my local scrap store.

I used S&S Page Kits - Set #5 by Weeds and Wildflowers for Day 9 Layouts.  Have I ever told you how much i LOVE Weeds and Wildflowers?  No?

Day 9 - My DH brought our tree home this night.  Our first real tree we ever bought.  We have always had an atifical and after 20 years, it was looking pretty drab. And the ornaments that came with it were lookin' pretty dated, lol.  So this year we have new ornaments new colors and a REAL tree.

The cover was created using products from my local scrapbook.

The 2nd page of Day 9 is created using products from my local scrap store and the actual tag from the tree.

I used Jolly Holiday - The Collection from Weeds and Wildflowers.  I really love Weeds and Wildflowers, if you didn't notice.

Day 10 - This is the day my son set up the lighted town.  This is one of his favorite things to do each year.  Each year we also try to add a piece to the set.  He has gotten really good at setting this up too.  This is also the night my DH brought our tree in and set it up.

I have NO idea what this face is all about, looks kinda pissed, but really, he wasn't.  LOL.  Must have just been that moment I snapped the photo when he turn around.

The tag on the cover page and the layouts were created using Sweet & Simple #12 kit from Weeds and Wildflowers again for these layouts.  I just LOVE Weeds and Wildflowers, maybe that's why I have been on the team for 3 years now!  

I have some new templates going up in the shoppe at Two Little Pixels on Friday!  A bit of a new look.  So be sure to bookmark my blog and check back here.