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Roadside Designs: September 2011

Sep 30, 2011

New Mini Kit at CatScrap

I put my mini kit "Capture the Moment" in the shop today at CatScrap.  This was a kit I had at Digital Dandelions.  It is 20% off this weekend which makes it only $3.20.  Includes a template in 8.5 x 11 AND 12 x 12.

Off now to create some new templates!

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Sep 23, 2011

New Road Maps . . . Collection 6

I have a new set of road maps in the shop today at CatScrap and they are Fresh, Fun, and Fabulous.  They are 20% OFF for the next couple of days.

They come in 12 x 12:

AND 8.5 x 11:

And some inspirations:

from Melissa

from Meg

from Esther

from Lisa

from Suzanne V

from Tronesia

from Sam

We have a full weekend planned with soccer games.  Saturday morning my daughter has a soccer game.  In the afternoon, we are head downtown to Washington D.C. with a team of boys (my son's team and my husband is the coach) for the DC United Game vs. Real Salt Lake.  Tailgate party first, cooking hot dogs, lots of munchies, drinks for the kids and adults,  then the boys are playing on the pitch at 6:15, so if you happen to be there or watching live from your living room sofa, you may see us in royal blue.  I will be somewhere near video taping with my black team shirt.  Sunday the boys have their own game.

Hope you all have a super weekend.

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Sep 19, 2011

Travel Inspiration

I could not resist sharing with you this vacation album using my Travel Journal - Western Frontier Template Album that came through my inbox from Suzanne Villanueva (love her name, LOL) with this fabulous album she completed and had printed. 
 And the printed photo book cover:

Don't you just LOVE the way this turned out?  What a perfect memorable vacation album to display.   And guess what?  Suzanne just joined my Team!  I am so happy to have her.  If you want, you can leave her some love on her blog

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Sep 16, 2011

New School Days Min Kit , Templates, Freebie

New in the shoppe today at CatScrap is my Road To Success Mini Kit.   A little touch of grunge, a little touch of simple, a little touch of vintage, and a little touch of fun all put together in this mini school kit.

Create lasting school memories with these fill in the blank Road to Success Road Maps in 12 x 12  and 8.5 by 11 size.   Or create a memorable Hybrid Project with your child's own handwriting by printing the .pdf's text files included with the road maps and layering with pre-printed scrapbook paper.  Also included is a template to create a pocket page (with instructions) for holding awards, report cards, and more

Templates come in psd, tiff, and separate png files.  Text also comes in png overlays and pdf's for printing.  The overlays and pdf files are sized to print on 8.5 x 11 paper you can layer with a 12 x 12 layout.

And for the next few days, you can get the kit and templates for 20% off.

I have a now 18 year old Senior in High School and a 12 year old 6th grader.  Ever since my oldest started preschool, I have been keeping a school days scrapbook of each year with all the details of her teachers, friends, favorites, and more.  I would print the fill-in the blank text pdf files onto a pre-printed 8.5 x 11 sheet of scrapbook paper from my local store.  I then bundled them together in a 3 ring binder.  Over the years, this collection has turned into a massive scrapbook of personal handwritten memories I truly cherish and I know one day so will my daughter.  This is her last year before starting college and the one binder I started 12 years ago has now turned into 3.

 Once my youngest started school, I began printing these for him too.  Here are several hybrid pages from his books.  I really enjoy the personalized handwriten layouts more.  For his first couple of years in school, I would ask him the questions and write them down for him.  I would have him write only his signature.  After about 3rd grade, I started making him do all the writing.  With the hybird layouts, it shows not only his change of favorites over the years, but also the maturity of his signature and handwriting. 

There is even a pocket page for each year, I created to hold report cards, awards, and teachers notes.

Here are some digital examples using products from my Road To Success Mini Kit.  This is also a great example of how you can use the 8.5 by 11 pdf files or overlays and layer on a 12 x 12 page.

And a freebie you can download HERE to help you get motivated with your project.  I created this last year and posting again for those of you who may not have had a chance to snag it:

This Word Art is actually a template.  Each color comes as a separate layer to customize with any papers.

An oldie but goodie I made last year.  You can pick up the full Road to Success Word Art in my shop.  Elements shown are included.

I hope you are inspired to start your school days album.  It truly is worth doing.

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Sep 12, 2011

Coming Soon

New kit and new maps with a little touch of grunge, a little touch of simple, a little touch of vintage, and a little touch of fun . . .

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Sep 6, 2011

Kids are back in School

So today my kids went back to school and I have been so happy and I don't feel guilty at all.  All summer, they sat in the house and ate and watched t.v.  The older one can drive so she would go out with her friends, and the younger one played video games all day all while I was at work.  SO when I came home I found food, crumbs, trash, clothes, mail, all scattered throughout my house and I could not even see the top of the kitchen table most days.  And we can't forget the overflowing sink of smelly dishes.

But today, that all changed.  They are Gone all day and I am very happy to come home to find a cleaner home, still needs to work, though.

This is my daughters room, and this was a good day.  It is usually worse.  She is messiest in the house and she denies it.  She is almost 18.
Credit - DST's September New to You Kit - "Beautifully You" by Day Break Scraps at Polka Dot Plum

So this week I will be tackling one room at a time till all the crumbs, dust, and dirt are wiped clean.

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