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Roadside Designs: November 2011

Nov 29, 2011

2011 Holiday Album

 It is that time of year again, to begin our countdown till Christmas.  I will be giving away a full 8 x 8 template album for your holiday memories.  As I did last year, visit my blog each day and collect a template to complete your album.  Each day I will be giving away 1 template.  The download will only be available for 1 day.  So be sure you check back here everyday.  On Christmas Day, you will have your full set which includes a front and back cover, 25 photo templates and an additional bonus template to add as extra journaling or a showcase photo.

This holiday album is a beautiful way to preserve 25 days of your life this holiday season. This simple digital design helps you get your photos in an album and done. Take one or several photos a day from December 1 through Christmas and create a page for each day. The day is already marked with these templates. There is room for lots of journaling and included is a bonus page for a full page photo OR a full page of journaling.  You can also print this bonus page as a blank page to glue mementos, receipts, lists and handwritten treasures, that you have collected or you family has created. 

Here are some great examples of what you can put in your album:

Holiday decorating photos

Holiday Lights

Non-related everyday life photos

Christmas letters to Santa
(can include the handwritten letter too)

Advent Calendar

Shopping lists

Dinner menu 

Holiday Baking
Christmas lists

Holiday Parties
(actual invite is folded in red envelope)

Shopping trips

Your gift wrap
(glue scrap of your paper and tags to a page)
Tree ornaments

Snow Days


Holiday Songs, Poems or Quotes

Holiday cards from friends


Your family holiday card 

A written story 

Child's drawings

Here are your covers.  On Day 1, you will receive the front cover along with the "Day 1" template and the bonus template.  On Day 25, you will receive the back cover along with the "Day 25" template and the bonus template.

This is the bonus template you can use to create a 2 page layout along with the "Day" template.  Use this bonus template to showcase a photo on the left side and your "Day" template on the right side.

To use this as a photo template, just show the photo layer as circled here and hide the journal layer.
Here is the bonus template as a journal page.  To do this, just show the journal layer as circled here and hide the photo layer.
On each of the "Day" templates, you have the option of showcasing 1 photo, 2 photos, OR 3 photos.  In this example, I have my template as a 1 photo template by showing the 1 photo layer and hiding the remainder of the photo layers.
Here is an example of a "Day" template with the option of showcasing 2 photos.  I have 2 photo layers shown and the remainder of the photo layers hidden.
Here is an example of a "Day" template with the option of showcasing 3 photos.  I have 3 photo layers shown and the remainder of the photo layers hidden.
This year, I decided to use the same album as I did last year, the Bo Bunny's naked 6 x 6 Album. I love the ring binder and the option of decorating the outside cover.  I also like the small 6 x 6 size for this project so I will be reducing the size of my templates from 8 x 8 to 6 x 6.

I covered my album using paper from Lily Bee Designs from my local craft store and ribbon from Walmart.

Here is my cover from last year, 2010.

Check out my post from last year for a few album options
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Nov 27, 2011

Coming Soon

Coming Dec 1 to this blog. Bookmark this spot!

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Nov 24, 2011

New in the Shop today

Looking to use products from Roadside Designs for your small business?  In the shop today at CatScrap you can now buy a Limited Use Professional License.  By purchasing this license you can use Roadside Designs products in a promotional and/or professional setting for your small business, including S4H and S4O (Scrap for Hire/Scrap for Others).

AND today you can get it 20% off!

NOTE:  Any products placed for sale prior to November 15, 2011 allow for s4h | s4o.  If you have a product with this option, you may continue to use for s4h | s4o.  These products Do Not allow for blog or website design use or any other small business use other than s4h | s4o.  If you wish to upgrade older products for these means, this limited professional use license must be purchase.
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Nov 18, 2011

Thankful Klothes Klips . . . New Today 20% off

I made these cute klips for thanksgiving, made of felt.  I saw something similar at a gift shop last week and HAD to make some for a layout I did.  They are in my shop at CatScrap for 20% off . . .

 Here is my layout using the turkey klip:

Hope you all like them.

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Nov 11, 2011

Travel Fun

So how much did you spend last week?  I dropped a bit of money on some fun new kits.  I just love those fun weekend sales.  I picked up some great freebies from new to me designers, to try out too!  Speaking of freebies, you can test drive a free road map of mine!  Just hit that like button on my Facebook Fan page and it's yours! 

I was browsing through the gallery at CatScrap and LOOK What I FOUND!  This is so cleaver and so amazing I HAD to share it with all of you:
Thank you, livelys for this layout!
Credits: Let's Travel kit by Sabee's Creative World, Let's Travel Word Art by Sabee's Creative World
Road Map Collection 5R by Roadside Designs

Did you pick up the CatScrap Collab, My Life?  That kit is amazing and here are some amazing layouts using the road map in the kit:

from esther
Credits: Template by Roadside Designs from [ link ] My Life ~ a CatScrap Collaboration, [ link ] Pretty Krafty 3 Paper Pack by creashens (blended with patterned paper), fruitloopsally newsletter freebie (tied string), and retired kits by Creashens: About (tape), Bye Bye Birdie (curled string), Fa la la (staple), Squeeze (torn paper), As I am (patterned paper), Candid (white paper), Play (beaded string)

from  melissa
 Credit:  Lisa Sisneros' True Strength, Catscraps' It's My Life Collab (Roadside Designs' Template)

I don't have anything new in the shop this week, but I promise I have a boat load coming in December, I mean a HUGE Boat load.  You won't be disappointed. 
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Nov 3, 2011

iDSD Sale . . . 30% OFF

In celebration of iDSD everything in my store is 30% OFF beginning Friday Nov. 4!

And there is a whole lota fun going on at CatScrap . . . be sure you check out the CatScrap Blog and Facebook Page to keep up with the celebration.
Spend $10 in the Shop and you get the "My Life" CatScrap Collab for free.  Here is my contribution. . .
So what are you waiting for?  Get Shopping!!!

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