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Roadside Designs: $2 on Tuesday

Jan 18, 2011

$2 on Tuesday

Have you ever had those times where you just loose all motivation to do anything? Well, it has hit me from no where and hit me hard.

I have so much designing I need to do, I have some templates I could put in the shoppe this Friday, but I can't seem to get them done.  I have a project I REALLY should complete with Two Little Pixels, but no motivation at all.  I have bills to pay, and accounts to balance, but it keeps getting pushed off, let alone doing the everyday things we all have like laundry and house cleaning.  I have been spending my spare time watching movies on Netflik.  Oh do I love movies and Netflik.  And some of my motivational problems could be due to the fact that I have only 10 more days til I leave for Disney World, YES!!! I am excited about getting away and I have had Mickey on the Brain.

So due to my motivational problems, I bring you this a little later than I should have.  I have 2 sets of templates on sale now at Two Little Pixels for $2.00 Each.  Grab them up now as the sale is over soon.

Metro Maps 1 and 2

Metro Maps 3 and 4

Happy Shopping! Now time to balance the books.



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