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Jan 20, 2012

Take Hwy 52 . . . New Products

Do you desire to try Project 365?  Admire everyone's 365 photos?  Are you like me who has been trying for over 4 years and never seem to complete it?  Missed so many days it becomes frustrating, even stressful?  Ok, so you did get your daily photo but never scrapped them?  Well this is ALL me and guessing most of you.

I have been trying to do Project 365 since 2007.  The first year was bad, didn't make it much at all.  The next 2 years were better, but still missed 100 days or more. Each and every year I struggle with the decision to take on this project and each year I feel if I don't do it, I am really going to miss out.  I do go back and look at my photos, unscrapped, and do see the rewards of the project.  There are so many photo's I DID capture that I wouldn't otherwise have.  So I decided to take the photos from 2011 and pick 1 for each week.  That is only 52 photos.  And I only have to scrap 12 layouts.  Wow, if you really think about it in those numbers, it seems so much more manageable and I get them scrapped and into my books.

New today at CatScrap is the beginning of my Hwy 52 Collection.  I created a set of 12 x 12 AND 8.5 x 11 templates to help you complete your Project 52.  Each template set is on sale thru the weekend for only $4.00.

A super simple design and few elements to get your photos scrapped.  These template are so versatile, the can be used for any layout including Project 365, just replace photos with paper.  Each set has 3 layouts for 4 photos and 1 layout for 5 photos. And the journaling is easy to use, just type it in.

I also create a simple number set too! Add this coordinating set of numbers from 0 - 9 and includes a tag too (you don't have to use the tag) for only $1.60.

I have already created 4 layouts for 2011.  I have my Project 52 already done from January thru April.


(Paper and some elements are from Weeds and Wildflowers, Everyday Life Kits.)

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