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Roadside Designs: New in the Shop today

Nov 24, 2011

New in the Shop today

Looking to use products from Roadside Designs for your small business?  In the shop today at CatScrap you can now buy a Limited Use Professional License.  By purchasing this license you can use Roadside Designs products in a promotional and/or professional setting for your small business, including S4H and S4O (Scrap for Hire/Scrap for Others).

AND today you can get it 20% off!

NOTE:  Any products placed for sale prior to November 15, 2011 allow for s4h | s4o.  If you have a product with this option, you may continue to use for s4h | s4o.  These products Do Not allow for blog or website design use or any other small business use other than s4h | s4o.  If you wish to upgrade older products for these means, this limited professional use license must be purchase.
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