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Jun 15, 2011

Nerf Darts have taken over

My son has a huge collection of Nerf Guns.  Without counting them, my guess would be about 20.  They are interchangable too, so he makes big ones, little ones, and has even painted them.  Geez, they have taken over my house.  And at night, he gets out his night vision goggles and has Nerf Wars, running through my house on every level.  I find nerf darts in my laundry, dryer, toliet, cabinets, behind my sofa, in the dog dish, under the area rug, EvEryWheRe!!

Do you have this problem?

Credit - June 2011 "New to You" Kit at DST!  DIY Dude Bundle by Sus Designs at Bits 2 Kits and E-Scape and Scrap

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At June 22, 2011 at 10:29 PM , Anonymous Carol said...

This is typical with boys his age. My kid thinks he is spiderman and climbs and swings on our curtains and has ripped most of them too!


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